Can you Manage Quality using ExcelSheets?

Microsoft has made our lives easier than ever before, isn’t it!! And with the entry of Excel, sorting and organizing certain things have become smoother, a lot. But everything has its good and bad sides, and even Excel is no exception in that case. When it comes to managing Quality Documents in SMEs in India excel is undoubtedly the most favourite tool.

But while managing quality systems with a spreadsheet, there are a lot of issues people come across, which is rather tough to handle at times. So, today I have decided to discuss about some of the most certain issues you may face while managing quality systems with Excel spreadsheet. Read the blog to know and analyze…

Copy-Paste is no different than Fraudulent Behaviour

You are doing business, and while in business, I am quite sure that you don’t want to come across any kind of frauds. But with Excel, this thing may happen very frequently and it considered to be the most damaging part of Excel – you can understand why!! There are companies which have already faced lakhs of losses for this aspect but they will never accept. And it has happened because most of the companies do not even know the reason behind it.

See, Excel sheets does not have have any such controlling power which can save your quality management systems from being manipulated. Anyone can change the formulas, or the values. And the worst part in this is that, you won’t have a trace of who did that and when. So, basically even if you are using Excel for managing quality systems, be very wise and careful to avoid such issues.

So Many Formats of Documents makes it Difficult to handle

Quality management system calls for the creation of different formats of documents like, PFMEA, Design, TRSO, and so on. And all the formats are necessary to achieve the best result, as you know it. Also there are different steps for this process as well, such as, planning, budgeting, implementing, and so on, which is somewhat never ending.

So, while using Excel another major problem that companies are facing is the lack of collaboration. If your company has several branches, scattered around the world, and even if that is not the case, every company is made of different departments. And as Excel does not provide us with any linking feature, it at times becomes really difficult to summarize all the files together and then analyze them.

The employees will have to either use an external memory storage device or they have to send emails of the folders. This will also require a long-drawn process of compiling the files, analyzing them, formatting, and sit will go on and on… Actually, this is not only tough, rather it is too much time-consuming. And your employees might also feel bored out of this. So, why not bring something new and interesting to make the work smoother, and also exciting!!

Lesser Integration

With so many formats and files floating everywhere around the company, the integration between departments becomes a little confusing. Also getting the most recent document is mostly a challenge with so many versions of the same document floating across the company. That’s why Excel is not highly recommended for company uses, especially for quality management systems, because its team work, and Excel is the best choice for personal uses not for teams.

A very recent case that comes to my mind is an SME in Pune supplying parts to a rather large OEM based out of Pune as usual all documents were in excel and nothing more than copy paste of previous approved parts. With just part numbers being changed and the SME having very little time for documentation review due to delivery pressures. Documents were sent across, You can imagine the customers reaction. They did salvage but imagine the time and face loss.

I am not saying that you should never use Excel for your business purposes. But you should know when to use, where to use, and how to use it. Spreadsheets are somewhat the most sorted-after application by Microsoft, but everything is not suitable for everything. Just like you cannot play a harmonica with your fingers unlike many other instruments, maybe Microsoft Excel is not the ideal choice for quality management systems. Technology has advanced a lot, you can make use of any other electronic methods to receive the ultimate result.

So be wise enough to take the wisest decision!!You can ask me how and I am more than eager to help.

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