Contribution of Kano’s Quality Model in the Customer Satisfaction for Better Quality

The automotive task force management needs or does refer to customer satisfaction models. So what necessary information and valuable parameters will help measure these customer satisfaction models.  

We have known about various customer satisfaction models that has backed the product development companies with various process schemes and obviously respective companies has always followed any particular of these announced models. Some of the well recognized customer satisfaction models are as follows;

  • Target Planing V-mode
  • Kano’s Quality Model
  • Shimaguchi’s Quality Model
  • Three Types of Utility Functions

We have known that varied response is not a good approach to keep your valuable consumers happy. Your product development system should give a significant response for all kind of customers. In this process, we would obviously compare between the different customer satisfaction models presented for these types of companies. Which, we have already done for you all to just take a look at, and we have found the Kano’s Quality Model very fruitful for the desired result and which is also followed by many eminent companies across the globe.

Among many different beverage manufacturing companies, we have found Coca Cola at its best, serving for over decades to the whole world. This example is to elaborate how customer satisfaction should perform at its peak when your product is delivered with no bad reports and is maintained by the quality even if it runs for a lifetime. Now over the period, Coca Cola itself became a brand who produces various other beverages under their own manufactureship. It has proven its existence in the soft drinks market by it’s appreciation and acceptance from the customers who have loved it until the last whereas even Pepsi being a well known brand of beverages, could not satisfy its customers as Coca Cola.

The same way, Kano’s Quality has been reigning with its idea for the customer satisfaction model. Few information about Kano will explain the fact of using Kano Customer Satisfaction Model. We all know that Kano’s quality model for customer satisfaction is an age old model rather being followed by many companies soon after it was proposed in the year of 1984 by  Dr. Noriaki Kano from Japan.

This model segregates the product attributes depending on how they are accepted by the customers and its effect on customer satisfaction. These separations are very useful towards stating the structural decisions in which they include when “good is enough”, and “more is better”. The model of Kano is also known as “Kano Analysis” which was created a long time back and is followed as a very useful tool in the Product and Service Development. It brings out the straightforward relationship between the product performance and customer satisfaction. The best part why this is followed by most of such product development companies is because it has simplified the product attributes into four categories, namely, threshold attributes, performance attributes, excitement attributes and indifferent attributes.

Currently, firms are coming up with newer products very frequently and quickly which is noticed as an increased demand for the market. The time interval between conceiving the concept of an idea and producing the final product is very short and runs under acute pressure. This has caused a transition from post production quality control to design based quality control, where defects are resolved in the first place and not repaired once made. For this process, the Kano Model shows up as an essential tool when working on a Six Sigma project allowing the customer satisfaction to remain in its peak level.

This overview, about the customer satisfaction and why Kano’s Quality Model is the ideal to follow, will allow us to maintain and produce products with high chance of acceptance.

It was all about the customer satisfaction model to follow for product and service development companies. We will be back with the next blog very soon, till then stay connected!

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