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NEW DELHI: Getting a counterfeit numberplate from a roadside shop that looks like a high-security registration plate might seem like an easy way out as compared to queuing up at an authorised centre, but can lead you to prosecution.

From Tuesday, Delhi government’s transport department will make the process of getting authorised high-security registration plates a smoother affair as appointments can be booked online.

High-security plates for your car now a few clicks away...

While new vehicles registered in the capital come fitted with high-security registration plates, most of the older vehicles don’t have these sophisticated and tamper-proof plates. According to transport department’s estimates, there are close to 40 lakh vehicles, including both four wheelers and two wheelers, that don’t have high-security registration plates.

Following the Supreme Court’s directions, the department initiated the process of replacing numberplates in old vehicles with tamper-proof registration plates from October 12. These plates were first rolled out in Delhi in 2012. With the sheer number of vehicles that require the new registration plates, the department is now carrying out the process in phases.

At present, registration plates of vehicles registered in Delhi between January 1, 2011 and April 30, 2012 are being replaced. There are, however, only 13 authorised centres in Delhi where high-security registration plates can be installed and the list of these centres can be accessed from www.hsrpdelhi.com.

Beginning from Tuesday, owners of vehicles that are registered between January 1, 2011 and April 30, 2012 and don’t have a high-security registration plate can book a slot at an authorised centre by clicking on this link — http://www.hsrpdelhi.com/status/default.html.

After visiting the website, vehicle owners will be asked to provide the car’s registration number, chassis number and the owner’s mobile number. The appointment will be processed after vehicles details from the transport department are received by the vendor installing the registration plates. The process has been made online to avoid overcrowding at the centres and to ensure that vehicle owners have a hassle free experience.

“The authorised dealer is fully equipped to provide the numberplates, so vehicle owners should take the appointment online and get it done,” said transport commissioner Varsha Joshi. Apart from new numberplates, vehicles coming to the centres will also get hologram-based colour stickers denoting the type of fuel being used in the vehicle.

The schedule for affixation of high-security registration plates in vehicles registered prior to January 1, 2011 or after April 30, 2012 will be notified by the department later.

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