Knowing the Difference between Quality Assurance & Quality Control

In my previous posts, I have already made you aware about Quality Management and why it holds utter importance in a company. Thus, separately, you have learnt a lot about this tool, but I have received some interesting comments on Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC), with which I realised that there still is some confusion in the industry about these two aspects.

Quality Management of the Company

See, both Quality Control and Assurance are two major factors for the quality management of a company. QA /QC are almost used interchangeably in organizations. SMEs typically don’t have a QA team at best they have a QC person. So just understanding the differences will help.

So, today I have prepared this blog, on demand of the comments and from my understanding of the confusion between QA and QC, to talk about the definite distinction between them to help in achieving the best result of Quality Management.

Difference between Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The Basic Difference

There are several steps involved in making the business big, bigger, and biggest. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two most important  of them. Lets check out what do they mean separately:

Quality Assurance Quality Control
It is actually the process which ensures that the company is going on the right track to either manufacture or deliver the service. This step comes before QC. until and unless you make sure that the product process is correct, you cannot wait for fruitful result. Being on the business venture, you have planned to achieve something definite!! Quality Control is used for that purpose – it makes sure that the end result is perfect and it is just the correct thing that you expected for.
When this tool is going on checking whether the manufacturing is right or not, it is actually preventing the production from any mistakes. If, by any chance, QA comes across any defect in the process, this tool comes to the rescue. It analyses the defect and suggests for the measures needed to be taken.
It is the management of manufacturing process. It is the verification of manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance

Take an example of a laptop manufacturing company – when a laptop is on the process of getting manufactured, the company makes sure that they are on the right track; they have got the right material and right technology to produce what they have planned to. One small mistake, such as installing a hard drive of lesser storage space, can mar the end result. This is Quality Assurance. And Quality Control is when someone checks the quality of the laptop – if it is the perfect one according to what the expected or not. These are continuously going on in an industry. And after QC, the company takes the decision of any further improvements are needed or not.

Ensuring Quality Control

Most of the companies hold a separate department for QC who keep on inspecting the production whether the quality is maintained or not, and if they are upto the expectation or not!!

Quality Assurance & Quality Control – Major Parts of Quality Management

So, in any way, you cannot afford to ignore any of these two. And also if you misinterpret them, the result can be the opposite of what you expected to be because Quality Assurance revolves around the process but Quality Control revolves around the end-result.

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