Measuring the Effectiveness of CAPA in the Company

Positives and negatives are parts of our lives. Positives keep on motivating us and negatives show us the road towards positivity. This road actually helps us in correcting the wrong deeds. And just like our lives, companies may anytime come across some undesirable moments which was definitely not the plan and was not included in the objectives. And here the road to corrections is CAPA.

CAPA – Corrective and Preventive Actions. As the name implies, it helps us to eliminate all the reasons of non-conformity in our company. It collects data, analyzes and identifies the problems, and then take whatever actions is needed to be taken to improve from such situations. It helps the business to be more effective in the market and stand out its uniqueness.


But there are times when companies struggle with finding the right CAPA and thus end up with something even worse than the previous situation. But why this happens?? Sometimes we cannot find out the actual problem. Suppose, a bad situation in the company has come up because of some unwanted defected in the machine; but the company company starts thinking that the employees are not working in accordance and takes action against them in spite of repairing the machine. So, at first we need to find out what the actual problem is and why is it happening; then only CAPA will work.

So, for the betterment of the company and to keep up the quality in every possible way, it is important to use CAPA in an effective way. The company can check CAPA effectiveness by both qualitative and quantitative measures. Quality check will help us to derive if the company has improved itself from the previous situation and quantity will help us to know how much improvement has happened by calculating data from previous-CAPA situation and post-CAPA situation. Seems interesting, no!!

Here, we have discussed about some of the ways with which the effectiveness-check can be easily done. Let’s check them out:


We can use this tool when the company needs to do certain changes in the system as a to the problem occurred. It will verify if the changes have been done correctly and they working accordingly. The changes made in the system should drive some fruitful results; auditing will help us check that.

Spot Check

Though limited, spot checks can give us instant result. The quality unit will go for checking the processes on regular interval without making anyone aware about this. It will be like a surprise visit around the area. This will to improve the quality of work immediately.

Period Check

Along with spot checks, we can also use the tool of period checks where the quality unit will monitor the working processes on a definite period. The workers will be aware of that. The unit will make sure that all the preventive measures have been taken rightly and people are working accordingly.

Trend Analysis

This tool deals with the end result only. Analysing the trend will help  us to know whether positives have happened to the company or not, if CAPA has worked or not.

But above everything else, we have to give CAPA a certain period  of time. The improve cannot happen overnight; the corrective actions need some time to cope up with the situation. If we lose our patience and keep on pressurizing the teams to make them work as fast as they can – again we may come up with many more negative results.

Suppose, a chocolate manufacturing company is experiencing sudden downfall. And it has taken the preventive action by changing their campaigning procedure. It is obvious that the customers will need some time to get accustomed to that. If the company loses its temper then the situation may even go worse. So, we have to give some time for the improvements to happen.

Until and unless, we verify the effectiveness of CAPA, we won’t be able to know whether the system is running hand-in-hand or not. It will also help us to analyse if anything else is needed to be done or not. And when we are implementing CAPA in the company, we have to ensure that everybody is getting involved in the process – starting from management to the ground level staffs; then only we will be able to derive something worth the quality.

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