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New Delhi: In an apparent hint that India should incorporate learning from Norway to shift to electro mobility, the Ambassador of Norway Nils Ragnar Kamsvag said government policy and dependence on renewable sources for electricity generation played a key role in making Norway a world’s leader in electric cars.

ETAuto GABS: Norway Ambassador optimistic about EV shift in India Although he sounded bullish about the future of electric mobility in India, he stressed that uniformity on infrastructure side is the need of the hour for the country. He also applauded Delhi government’s recent proposal of making 25 per cent of vehicles electric by 2023.

Over half of the new vehicles sold in Norway are now electric or hybrid, he said at the ET Auto Global Auto Business Summit 2018, adding target incentives and the industrial policy of nineties served as a backbone.

“Since 1990’s, Norway has set a very generous system of incentivisation to encourage the proliferation of electric vehicle. Buyers are exempted from heavy import taxes as well as the 25 per cent value added tax,” he noted.

Because of the tax exemption, the prices of EVs in Norway are in-line with their fossil fuel counterparts, he added. Apart from this, revamped grid policy, availability of free public charging stations, and toll free roads has helped in increasing the penetration of electric vehicles.

“You can easily walk around and see hefty number of electric vehicles in our big cities and serve these we have built over 9000 charging stations thus far. We want to present Norway as the world’s demonstration for electric mobility and transport solutions,” said Kamsvag.

Driven by environmental concerns, the Norwegian government has decided that by 2025 all new cars sold in the country will be zero emission cars, he highlighted.

Emphasizing on infrastructure side, he pointed out that Fortum, which is the biggest EV charging company in Norway, is currently using its insights from the Norway to implement them in Indian market. Beyond this, he also extended technological support for enhancing the research and developments that are happening in India right now in the direction of electric mobility

“Norway can support India’s EV journey on many dimensions from helping in EV regulations and standards to being a technology provider and ancillary solution provider for EV charging”, he added.

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