Over 76,000 helmet violations reported during July-September, Auto News, ET Auto

PANAJI: Driving without wearing a seatbelt and riding a two-wheeler without wearing helmet were on the top of the chart of traffic rule violations from July to September, according to figures shared by the transport department.

According to the data, the third quarter of this year saw 76,499 helmet violations, while seatbelt violations were a total of 17,257 detections. This is far more than the number of drunken driving cases which totalled to 2,303 violations.
Over 76,000 helmet violations reported during July-September “The traffic police is equipped with the necessary instruments like alcometers to monitor drunken driving violations. Watch is also maintained on roads for helmet or seatbelt use. The violators need to be taken to task, particularly those who don’t understand the gravity of driving without a safety device or under the influence of alcohol,” an official said.

The ministry of road transport and highways transport research wing tabulated road accidents in India – 2017 which revealed that over 100 persons were killed due to ‘non-use of safety device.’ Figures further revealed that non-wearing of helmet led to 131 deaths, while non-wearing of seatbelt caused five deaths in 2017.

Despite efforts by the department to crack a whip on such violators, lack of manpower is proving to be a hindrance for transport officials to further enforce traffic rules, sources said.

“We must have a full-fledged cell in every office to conduct drives and crackdown on drunken driving and other violations. There needs to be someone to undertake follow up work as well as to check if the person who has been challaned has paid the fine or not. If the person exceeds seven days, we can then issue a notice to show up at the police station,” the official said.

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