QMS Software usage in India – Survey

I ran a small survey with my linkedin contacts to gauge the level of software penetration in QMS systems in Manufacturing organizations. A total of 224 contacts from various industries responded. Take a look at the results. A brief summary of the small survey is as such.

  1. Most of the Organizations almost 60% did not use any software but more than 90% had a manual QMS system in place.
  2. Of the others who used the most popular software was SAP, followed by Minitab and Calypso.
  3. Centralized Documentation and Better overview of Quality issues was the primary reason for companies to use a software.

Here are my thoughts surprisingly SAP is not known for its Document Management features but companies nevertheless were using SAP for their Document Management needs . I guess large organizations found it easy to customize an expensive piece of software than opt for a new system. Also since SAP was the primary tool for manufacturing it makes sense for them to keep their quality data in the same system.

Smaller and Medium organizations were hardly using any software for QMS and their work is almost entirely manual.

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