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ETAuto GABS: RC Bhargava emphasizes on alternate fuel to reduce oil imports New Delhi: Stressing on the need to shift to alternate fuels, Maruti Suzuki Chairman RC Bhargava said about 70 million cars will hit the Indian roads and therefore solutions such as CNG, Hybrid and bio-fuel should be promoted to reduce burden on imported fuel.

“Only 10 million out of 70 million cars in 2030 would be electric, so for the remaining cars we need energy solutions which are green and clean”

Even if approximately 15 per cent of the cars will be electric by 2030, 60 million of them will still be non-electric. Thus, the alternative clean fuels are necessary to cater the needs of remaining non-electric vehicles, Bhargava said while addressing the ET Auto Global Business Summit.

According to him, the use of CNG and bio-fuel as an alternative will not hinder the EV growth. The increase in number of vehicles in coming years will accelarate the fuel requirements and with the increasing cost of petrol and diesels, it will be difficult to manage the non-electric vehicles. Hence, approach towards CNG, bio-fuel and hybrid vehicles will not only reduce the burden on imported fuel but will also pitch for cleaner environment.

He added that in commercial vehicles electrification is still a issue, which makes alternative fuel solutions more vialble for this segment.

Bhargava, however pointed out that majority of oil consuming vehicles are two-wheeler which do not have the option for CNG or hybridization. Thus, the need of electrification is in two wheelers is more than four wheeler.

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