The 5 Most Important Dimensions of Quality

Being a business owner, the first thing you should care about is providing the customers with utmost satisfaction, isn’t it!! Until and unless, the customers is being satisfied either from your product or the services you provide, why will they come back to you again and again!! And the success of your business is a hell lot dependent upon the customers.

You will understand the importance that quality holds while serving the customers after knowing the example of Hindustan Unilever Limited. They are serving 700 million Indian consumers for decades after decades with a bunch of household products like shampoo, tea, coffee, water purifiers, and so on. And the customer count is increasing everyday along with the existing customers because of their quality. And this has helped the company to gain trust nationwide.

The 5 Dimensions of Quality

So, if you also want your company to keep on flourishing, you have to keep the 5 most important dimensions of quality in mind. Today I am here with this blog to discuss about that aspect. Let’s move on to know more…

Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry researched about the dimensions customers evaluate for quality service and found 5 of them to be the most important. This survey is called SERVQUAL. Now I will tell you what are the 5 dimensions that you should take care of…


There is a proverb we have been hearing since childhood – Not to judge a book by its cover. But this can’t go in practical life, especially when the customer is going to buy or avail your service. The packaging of the products, the appearance of the dealers, the communication skills – everything matters. If the customers find your product or service to be physically appealing, it will create a good first hand experience for them.

Though this factor is not so important like the other 4, still you should take care of this. At the end of the blog, I will also provide you with a survey analysis – how much importance does each dmenson holds!!


Trust issue is the most important while you are trying to wither establish or enhance your business. Whatever you promise, you should abide by that. Your customers should be able to blindly rely on you. While buying your product or purchasing your service, they should be sure that your product will exactly what it is saying.

I can give you the live example of Black or Red Hit. This product says that it can kill mosquitos or cockroaches in just one spray, and yes it does that!! So, the consumers are going to the shop and buying it over and again.

Make sure your product can also do the same. No not killing the insects, but whatever it is promising.


Be fast to respond to your customers. Your fast response will not only make you a responsible provider, rather it will grow the relationship between you and the customers. The better response they will get, the more number of consumers you will receive.

This is not only about contacting them regularly via call centres or responding to their mails. If they are facing problems or want to return any product, you should be responsive to that as well.

For example, we go to Amazon (the online shop) again and again because of their fast response. Whether a problem related to delivery or for exchanging or returning a product – they respond to you in no time.

So, try to cope up with the fast responsive, and we are sure your business will bloom more and more.


This is the core responsibility of your employees. Your workers should provide the customers with trust and confidence. The better service they will provide, the more assurance your customers will get and this will surely help in the betterment of your company.


This is actually a blend of the second, third and fourth dimension. You have let your consumers feel that they have utter importance in your business. All of them want individual attentions and if you can make them feel so – voila!! You will get it all. No one can stop the growth of your business.

Let the Customers be Satisfied

So, these 5 are the most important and functional dimensions that the customers go through while availing your service or buying your product. If you can evaluate them before hand and take necessary steps, you can also become one of the business tycoons with your product or service – whatever the business offers.

Lastly, I promised to give a statistics on which dimension gains how much importance in your business – so, here it is, take a look:

The Importance of 5 Dimensions in your Business

So, do not forget to analyze these 5 dimensions while you are on the voyage of growing your business more and more. This will build trust for you in the market and after all, you will become a satisfied businessman.

For now, I will draw the finishing line of the blog here in a hope that this blog has satisfied you need of searching for the dimensions on your browser. I will soon come back with some more new information for giving my helping hand in your business. Till then, work hard and keep enjoying.


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