The Marker is mightier than Thou in Quality

When it comes to setting up a Quality Management System the Marker is probably the most used and powerful tool especially in the Manufacturing Industry. To denote whether a part is “ok” or “Not Ok” companies especially SME’s rely heavily on the quintessential “Marker”. It undoubtedly is the saviour to many. You will be surprised at the number of markings some organizations apply on the component during physical quality checks. So does this process really help?

It definitely is a simple and effective way to communicate across the organization and outside on the quality status of the component, but at the same time I have found employees especially in SME’s in India always complain about lack of Markers in time to mark components. I have even come across cases when employees who have marked components refuse their annotations even their signatures at time? So how does an organization tackle these? Frankly there are no answers to uneffective human behaviour and the cases I mentioned particularly mark to these issues but definitely somebody might have an answer to these too. How has your organization tackled these issues please let me know?

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