The PDCA Cycle for setting up the Continuous Improvement System in your Company

Continuous improvement – this phrase is quite familiar to all of you, isn’t it!! And why will it not be because who wants to stay at a stagnant position for the lifetime!! Additionally, it is also important to keep on improving in life – be it in cooking, studying, exercising or doing business!! But when this continuous improvement relates to a company or business, it becomes kind of strategical to keep moving on this path.

Lets understand and communicate some necessary ‘how to’s’ for the continuous improvement of one’s company. So, let’s move forward…

Continuous Improvement System

The continuous improvement of your company may not happen just like that!! At first hand, it may seem very easy to you experiencing smooth development. But, but, but… when time will flow by, you will understand that this thing is not that easy as you thought it would be. To continually improve your company, its important to be disciplined and follow an approach that is atleast tweaked for your organization. And I have enlisted them in this blog to help you out. Have a look to the rest of it to find out. To tweak you need to be vigilant and apply some common sense thats all. Remember consultants can help you not solve your problems.

But before proceeding towards telling you the strategies needed for this continuous improvement of your company, I would like to tell you something else. See, if you are aiming to grow your company in every way, then at first you have to learn to become a good leader who can motivate all the employees. Only a motivator can lead the company towards growth and improvement. You have to support all the workers to make them move forward.

For example, I can talk about one of the leading companies of India – TATA. Ratan Tata has always been such a good leader that his company never experienced a fall and always improved in new manner with more and more new manufacturing of cars.

I am certain that this example has explained about the importance of leadership. And now, I will move ahead towards communicating the strategies you will need for the continuous improvement. We call this the PDCA Cycle.

The PDCA Cycle

P for Plan

Everything needs a planning before the implementation. This can be proved with even the smallest of the smallest examples from your everyday life – when you get the salary from your company, don’t you plan beforehand for the monthly expenditure!! So, when you are planning for such daily needs, isn’t it quite obvious to plan for the improvement of your company as well!!

That’s why chalk out a plan on which exact sectors you want to make the improvements and how will you do that. Take ideas from your co-workers because every tiny idea can actually help you in taking the biggest step for this method. Analyze every single factor of your company to bring out the best result. This may take time, but dont worry, more time can gift you with more fruitful outcome.

D for Do

This point is very obvious. Planning cannot do anything until and unless you are acting upon them. For example, definitely Facebook has been planning to take upon Whatsapp for quite long; but had not Mark Zuckerberg taken the necessary action to implement the planning, it would have never happened. Am I right!!

So, after you are done with the planning, start doing, start working on them, start taking action… whatever modifications and updates are needed – make them very wisely…

C for Check

Now, when you are done with the action, you have to study them whether they are working on it, whether they are giving the desired results you thought of. Until and unless, you are giving them a check, it cannot be fruitful.

We often come across some surveys around the cities for new products or updates products. These surveys are actually used to make the studies whether your action is working or not, whether it can make the improvement or not.

A for Act

The last step of this cycle is Act. though you have already acted upon the planning on the second step, this action will be done based on the studies you had checked on the third step. It will actually make the other changes or modifications needed in the planning, if the first hand plans did not work.

The Never-Ending Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Actually this blog is talking about the continuous improvement for your company. You cannot restrict yourself from keeping on moving with the flow because it’s kind of a never-ending continuous process. The more you do, the more improvements will come at your feet.

So, best of luck with the planning. Doing, checking, and acting for the continuous improvement. And I hope, this blog can hold your hands in this process. I will soon come back with some more new and fresh updates, which can help your company in enhancement and which can bring success to you as a person and also as a businessman.

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